SOLC 22 of 31: Food Cravings

You know that feeling when you have ate recently, so you are not hungry, but you are still craving a certain food? Right now I really want some type of citrus fruit, and I will probably eat a grape fruit or drink a cup of lemon water when I get home. I could also go for some chocolate, but then again, when do I not want chocolate? Orange chocolate… Yeeeesss…. That sounds soooo good right now. If you do not know what that is, it is a dark chocolate bar with orange peels. I know I will not get one till, like, my birthday (which is in August), because my mom just does not do stuff like that. The last time I got fancy chocolate was when my mom drove her friend around to go grocery shopping (she could not do it herself do to a surgery), and she bought something for both me and my mom as a gift. Now I am hungry. Dang it.

3 thoughts on “SOLC 22 of 31: Food Cravings

  1. I LOVE everything orange chocolate. Our family favorite is those chocolate oranges that are actually in the shape of an orange but made of chocolate with orange flavor. Yummy. It always goes in our Christmas stockings.

  2. Once i was hungry even though I had just ate. I really wanted pancakes, and I couldnt explain why. I told my mom and she made some for me, It wasn’t until I started eating that I noticd…… I don’t like pancakes :p

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