SOLC 27 of 31: My place

I think I may have finally found a talent, something I am good at and enjoy. I really have tried to find this thing, I have tried drawing, cello, guitar, and they all were massive failures (anyone in orchestra would agree with the cello thing). I feel like I have found my place, my purpose, my love. I know you are wondering what the heck it is, well it is writing. Creative writing at that. Ever since I was little, I lived in my own little world, making up characters to be my best friends, imagining a fantasy world, and making up what what happens. I have several journals filled with my ideas, and now a Wattpad account where I do a lot more writing than reading. I have recently found an enjoyment Roleplays, where a friend and I go back and fourth writing parts of the story. I like  fantasies much more than real life, because unlike in the real world, you are in complete control. I spend most of my time sitting outside, with my headphones on, just coming up with ideas. So, in conclusion, I live in my head, where anything, and I mean anything, can happen.

2 thoughts on “SOLC 27 of 31: My place

  1. I totally agree, that if everything with the way you have imagined, then life would be much more predicable…yet you have to keep reminding yourself, that reality is life…(LOVE writing, too!)

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