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Last SOLC!!! Goodbye friends…. (︶^︶)

Wow, I can not believe today is the very last day!? This has been an amazing month, and I absolutely loved being able to write for the world to see. I have always had the problem of not having anyone to rant and talk to, and this blog let me do that. The serge of happiness of getting blog of the day is irreplaceable, which I have got 4 times. So for this post I just wanted to say thank you for reading and commenting, most of all, for caring. I may post from time to time, depends on how many people actually read. Everyone reading this, that enjoys my post’s, comment and tell me! The more people that comment, the more I will post. So, bye everybody, you are all amazing, and I hope you have a nice life.

Sincerely,  Snowrose-Chan

SOLC 30 of 31: Brothers

They are only the WORST things on the face of this universe, and I am pretty sure every sister that has one would agree. I definitely could live my life without him bursting in my room and trying to steal my stuffed animals when I am getting dressed in the morning. Or the two of us racing and him rubbing it in my face when he wins, but he protests “we were not racing!!” when I win. Him randomly coming in my room and hitting me with a pillow. Then I get in trouble for yelling at him. I think he likes seeing me in trouble and annoyed to the point of insanity. I have my eye on him….

SOLC 29 of 31: The Storm

I awake around three a.m.

The thunder roles. The lightning flashes. The rain pours.

I remember leaving my window open earlier that night

Quickly close it!

I prowl the house, is anyone awake?

A yawn. Some milk. Back into bed I crawl.

Sleep. That is all I need. Sleep.

Test tomorrow. Test.

Quickly sleep!

All of a sudden it stops.

Everything stops. Peace once again

SOLC 28 of 31: When I am alone…..

I do some weird thing when I am alone, but then again doesn’t every one? I decided it would be a really funny post to write about some of my deapest, darkest, secrets.

#1: I dance. It takes the perfect song to get my lazy self out of bed, but once I am dancing, I can not stop. It is mostly over dramatic interpretive dancing, which is not the best idea for someone as clumsy as me.

#2: Sing. The thing is though, I sound like a dying cat whenever I sing, or normally talk. Also the music is in Japanese, *In sarcastic voice* fun!

#3: Yoga…? Mostly just me lying on my bed in really random positions that are probably bad for my spine

#4: Say random things to myself that make no sense. Mostly laughing my head off screaming I HAVE NO FRIENDS. This post kind of explains why

#5: Waste my life away on YouTube, Netflix, and Wattpad.

SOLC 27 of 31: My place

I think I may have finally found a talent, something I am good at and enjoy. I really have tried to find this thing, I have tried drawing, cello, guitar, and they all were massive failures (anyone in orchestra would agree with the cello thing). I feel like I have found my place, my purpose, my love. I know you are wondering what the heck it is, well it is writing. Creative writing at that. Ever since I was little, I lived in my own little world, making up characters to be my best friends, imagining a fantasy world, and making up what what happens. I have several journals filled with my ideas, and now a Wattpad account where I do a lot more writing than reading. I have recently found an enjoyment Roleplays, where a friend and I go back and fourth writing parts of the story. I like  fantasies much more than real life, because unlike in the real world, you are in complete control. I spend most of my time sitting outside, with my headphones on, just coming up with ideas. So, in conclusion, I live in my head, where anything, and I mean anything, can happen.

SOLC 26 of 31

Today my churches youth group had a ‘four square tournament’  and I learned that I am really bad at four square. Although, I did entertain my time by making head wreaths for everybody else out of tree branches along with another guy in my class. I got home at four thirty, that is why this post is so late, sorry.

SOLC 25 of 31: Stories

Yesterday I was texting a friend a we played a game of finish the story. That is a game where we text back and forth ideas until we have a really good story. It were doing it to kill about an hour or so, but we got so caught up in it, we were writing till eight, when my mom told me I have been on my phone for way to long and made me stop. But we did not quit!! We started working again at eight this morning, and have been doing it all day. Well not all day, my mom made be social and play outside around two, and I can not do it anymore till after dinner. I have about an hour and thirty minutes left, I don’t think I will make it.

I bet you are thinking what this story is about, well brace yourself, it is weird. So, a group of friends were traveling on a ship to Japan (not a cruise, just a ship because who needs planes anymore). Well, in Japan one of the main characters gets proposed too and the other one goes though a hard breakup. It is funny how this story goes from a late 18 hundreds English story, too a cute modern heartthrob, too an overly dramatic soap opera.

SOLC 24 of 31: Weird Insecurities

Somehow I have completely convinced myself that every single person in the world, except myself, can read minds. I know how strange this sounds, and I know it is not true but for some reason, I still believe it. Now when ever I have a song stuck in my head, I am thinking about a show I watched, a book I read, or just thinking about something really personal, I will have a mini panic attack. I will freak because I think that everyone now knows these things about me that are thoughts for a reason. When I am having trouble with a math problem start thinking “Oh this is easy” and try my best to solve it without anyone knowing that I am not as smart as I play off to be. I think it is just my insecurity leaking out, every second of the day I am worried about what other people think about what I say and do, I now what I think!! I do not think this is healthy, but I can not control it.

SOLC 23 of 31: Should I be worried….?

I know this is going to sound really weird, probably because it is. There is this song, Electric Angel, I believe that I mentioned it my last post. For some reason when ever I put on this song I get random surges of happiness. I know, that is really strange thing to say, but it is true. It only happens at certain parts of the song too, the very beginning, as soon as the chorus starts, the beginning of the second verse, and the part where Rin and Len turn into angels and fly off. This happens every time I listen to this song, and always at these parts. I think it may be a kawaii overload, I mean, look at them:

It is just so cute!! I started fangirling so much just looking up pictures of them to use, so you can see my problem. The strange thing is that I listen to a lot of Rin and Len (True Love’s restraint, Servant of evil, Maid Factor, etc.) but it only happens in this song. It may not help that this song also used to be ringtone, right now it is the Your Lie in April theme song, and I am thinking about changing it back. It may also be the fact this is the first vocaliod song I ever liked, and it has been my jam ever since. Please comment with any advice you may have for me, why you think this may be happening, or just say how weird I am. Thank you for reading this long post and bye!!

SOLC 22 of 31: Food Cravings

You know that feeling when you have ate recently, so you are not hungry, but you are still craving a certain food? Right now I really want some type of citrus fruit, and I will probably eat a grape fruit or drink a cup of lemon water when I get home. I could also go for some chocolate, but then again, when do I not want chocolate? Orange chocolate… Yeeeesss…. That sounds soooo good right now. If you do not know what that is, it is a dark chocolate bar with orange peels. I know I will not get one till, like, my birthday (which is in August), because my mom just does not do stuff like that. The last time I got fancy chocolate was when my mom drove her friend around to go grocery shopping (she could not do it herself do to a surgery), and she bought something for both me and my mom as a gift. Now I am hungry. Dang it.